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Apart from the cell phone networks, there are companies that offer cheap mobile phones in arrangement with big phone manufacturers. They work out schemes that will make it easy for you to purchase cheap mobile phones at very reasonable prices by enrolling you in a plan with monthly payments.

Of course, these schemes will make it look like you're getting the phone for free, but in effect, you're actually paying for it for a larger price because the payments are spread over several years.

Nevertheless, this is still a good way for people to acquire cheap mobile phones in new models, but don't be tempted to enrol in plans that would force you to have a big call allotment but also entail huge monthly payments.

Another alternative they give you if you want to buy cheap mobile phones from them is the Pay-As-You-Go plan. You'll get a cheap mobile phone from them, they'll subsidize part of the price of the unit, and you'll need to top up each time you need to make a call.

One network in the U.K. that offers branded cheap mobile phones is Three Mobile Phones. They have more than 10 million customers worldwide and also offers their network service aside from scouring cheap mobile phones from manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorols, LG, Samsung, NEC, Qtek, and Amoi.

With Sprint, one of the leading service providers in the U.S., you can get cheap mobile phones for a monthly of only $100, under a plan that includes surfing, watching, sending e-mail, searching, and, of course, making calls. Choose from camera phones, TV and music phones, PDA or Smartphones, and Direct Connect phones.

When buying cheap mobile phones on a plan, check out their terms and conditions and make sure you read the fine print. There are companies which offer free or cheap mobile phones with plans wherein you'll be paying a monthly fee. However, once you are unable to continue with your payments, they could confiscate your phone and you lose everything you had paid for.

Most online sites don't actually sell the cheap mobile phones themselves but link you up with the companies that do. They have special arrangements with manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, and LG, which in turn update them on the latest and best offers on cheap mobile phones. Thus, the sites don't really transact with you, but you draw up a contract with these manufacturers and suppliers. These companies will also be the ones to provide after-sales support services for the cheap mobile phones advertised on the site.

Cheap mobile phones advertised on sites aren't defective and neither are they used. They're brand new and in good working condition. The SIM-free phones that these websites are offering have never been locked and often come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

You get to avail of them at bargain-basement prices because certain models on sale may have been deemed likely to be discontinued because they either have missing features or aren't as user-friendly than their more popular counterparts.

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