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Are Cheap Mobile Phones Really Cheap?

There are many service providers offering "cheap mobile phones," but will they really save you money in the long run?

The consumer has to be wary of the quality of these so-called "cheap mobile phones." It's true that they're brand new and may have only been put on sale because their models are being discontinued, but ask yourself: Why are they being discontinued in the first place?

Often, we can clearly tell why some cheap mobile phones are duds. Some take poor pictures; some have limited phone books; others are notorious for perennial problems such as defective keypads or short battery lives.

These may be minor inconveniences for enthusiasts of cheap mobile phones, but at some point, these defects can be pretty irritating. It's always one of the best practices to check out reviews for cheap mobile phones, and make sure the reviews you're reading are unbiased and not "ads for the manufacturers" in disguise.

It may be that the cheap mobile phones can function properly on purchase, but they may be made of third-class parts that won't give them a long shelf life. What's worse is that some phones may even be hazardous because of their cheap components.

Not too long ago, China was put on the hot seat when an alarming rate of exploding cheap mobile phones was all over the news. This is an indication that cheap mobile phones may serve you well during the first few months, but the risks to safety may be too great and not worth the savings you get.

Another downside to buying cheap mobile phones is the unavailability of their spares. If a cheap mobile phone breaks down, chances are you need to replace one or several of its parts. If you can't have access to these spare parts (since they might not have service offices in your country), you might just end up chucking that phone into the garbage bin.

You may also want to consider the repercussions of manufacturers offering cheap mobile phones and eventually harming their profitability. In any business, when the products are offered at rock-bottom prices, the sellers lose interest in providing you with the customer service you want.

You also need to weigh the probability that the dealers and the middlemen won't have adequate budget for customer service, so weigh your options carefully and determine whether you're okay with below-average service for as long as you're able to dip your fingers into juicy cheap mobile phones offers.

One other source of cheap mobile phones are classifieds sites such as eBay and craigslist. The downside to them is that you must be willing to take the risk of possibly getting a defective product. It's one thing that eBay refunds your payment if the shipment doesn't fall through, but it's another for you to get a lemon and become stuck with it.

Before buying from an online seller, check that person's reviews, try to get hold of him live on the phone, and ask everything you need to ask about the product.

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